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Heating the outdoors
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Heating Outdoors - Don't let the cooler nights drive you inside!  

A welcome change to outdoor heating

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, robust and energy-efficient patio heater then look no further than Heating Outdoor's newest designs in radiant outdoor heating.  

Bringing indoor comfort to outdoor spaces has become much simpler with this Eco-friendly range of heaters.


Veito Blade Outdoor Heater 

A stylish heater for outdoor lovers, Veito Blade has a modern slim line design that does not occupy much needed space. Made using the latest carbon fibre technology, the elements are robust, hard wearing and will give up to 10,000 hours of service.

With built in safety, a convenient automatic Timer Control and variable power settings, Veito’s intelligent design and quality construction brings you reliability, comfort and energy savings.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor, narrow spaces and bathrooms, the heater is ideal for bars, cafes, restaurants, patios, offices, factories, gyms, places of worship and homes.  

See more on these economical and efficient infrared heaters here. 

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The promise of warmth welcoming light and ambience. 
Enjoy sun-like warmth on cooler winter days and nights. Bring heat and light to warm up your winter and brighten your evening any time of year. 

Classic design and a unique furniture piece, the SOLE has stylish charm, innovation and gives a uniform 360 degree heating experience. 

The heating lamp of the SOLE warms you during the winter months. 

The infrared radiant element gently directs heat to people and the surroundings providing comfort similar to the warmth of the sun. 

The soft luminous glow of the in-built light lets you enjoy the outdoors into the night. 

And at 1500W it not only looks good, it’s economical to run.

See the SOLE and features here

BellaSole Stylish and Modern Infrared Heaters

Luxury heating at your fingertips, the BellaSole is the latest edition to the Heating Outdoors range. Inspired by a combination of nature and technology, you'll be impressed with the exquisite design and comfortable heat. 

The high-style infrared lamp converts over 90% of consumed electrical power into infrared heat to provide sun-like warmth while keeping running costs low. Constructed in weather-resistant die-cast aluminium, BellaSole infrared heater has an IPX5 protection for outdoor use. 

The BellaSole is available in a range of colours and styles to easily complement your decor. It comes with wall, ceiling, and freestanding mounting options.

See our BellaSole outdoor heating range and features here.


The Entertainer Fire 'N' Table

The Entertainer Fire 'N' Table would have to be the best value for money outdoor gas fire feature available today.  The outdoor gas heater is the perfect choice to provide ambient comfort for alfresco dining in patios, cafes, restaurants and hotels.  

The Entertainer Fire 'N' Table not only looks impressive, it's a functional, easy to use, table that keeps you warm.  Strong and sturdy construction, tempered glass top, black base and contrasting stainless steel trim gives a stylish and upmarket finish. 

Combining both infrared and radiant heat the  Entertainer Fire 'N' Table provides effective and comfortable outdoor heating for alfresco spaces.

The Fire 'N' Table provides a truly unique and relaxing experience that will give you hours of warmth and comfort economically. 

The Entertainer Fire 'N' Table is revolutionary, stylish and the most functional outdoor gas fire feature available. Add our stainless steel ice bucket insert to keep food and drinks  cool during summer making outdoor living easy everyday of the year. 

Since it's launch on the Australian market, the Entertainer has been a huge success!

Click here to read more about the alfresco Fire Table. 

Urban Entertainer Fire Table 

Architectural Series Radiant Heaters

Do you need a stylish, robust, space-saving and warmth targeting alfresco heating solution? then consider the Architectural Series Radiant Heater range for your outdoor heating as your best option!

Our radiant electric outdoor heaters are Australian made using second generation US infrared radiant heating technology.They are 93% efficient and give a wonderful all-round heat to any hospitality, recreational or residential area.

Boasting a slimmer body with improved insulation your heater can be mounted flat on a ceiling or a wall. 

Manufactured in Australia from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, our outdoor heating systems offer outstanding corrosion resistance and are ideal for coastal areas.

Find out more on these innovative outdoor heaters here


 Alfresco Strips Infrared Radiant Heaters

With New Technology, LCD thermostat and remote control, the Alfresco Strip heat panel is energy saving, economical and provides uniform heat distribution. The Alfresco Strip outdoor patio heater is a stylish and affordable solution for both residential and commercial outdoor spaces.  

Safe and healthy technology and 86% efficient, far infrared rays give a natural warmth of sunshine. Alfresco Strip radiant patio heaters are convenient and cost efficient when compared to conventional bottled gas patio heater.  

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Have you seen our new cafe screens?

Halt the wind’s chill with outdoor privacy screens!

Increase your business exposure while protecting your patrons from street noise and cold winds. Alfresco Café Screens add ambience, definition and discreet comfort to outdoor dining areas. Attractive and mobile privacy screens are the practical solution for extended on-street cafe dining. 

Advertise your daily specials on the acrylic panel. Sturdy locking wheels allow the screen to be moved easily and locked into place. Simply store away after operating hours. 

Click here to read more about our Cafe Screens

 Cafe Screens

Extend your outdoor entertaining season with one of our stylish, easy to use high quality heaters. Phone 1300 266 564 or click here to email your enquiry

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