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Alfresco Strip Outdoor Radiant Heater Clearance Sale

Eco-friendly Infrared Radiant Heat Panel

Commercial grade radiant heater. Residential, Commercial and Hospitality use.

Contemporary and stylish, the Alfresco Strip radiant heater offers sun-like heat for ultimate comfort in indoor or outdoor environments. 

Alfresco Strip radiant heaters are streamline and adopt a reflective heat storage design to provide energy efficient directional heat. The contemporary and unobtrusive design is ideal for undercover outdoor spaces in residential, commercial and the hospitality industry. 

Applications for indoor areas include heating in factories, showrooms, warehouses, gymnasiums, churches, nursing homes and more... 

The Alfresco Strip infrared radiant heat panels are equally accommodating in open, undercover outdoor areas such as bars, restaurants, alfresco dining, cafes, patios and balconies. 

How does Alfresco Strip infrared radiant heat work?

Using innovative Nano technology, Alfresco Strip infrared heaters transfer warmth directly to people and objects. The Far infrared rays act on the human body directly to give a natural warmth of sunshine.

The unique electric heating element and finned aluminium alloy surface produces an even heat distribution to provide high electricity - heat efficiency. Aero heating elements and nano infra rays convert 86% of electricity into heat compared to the heat energy transfer for gas and halogen heaters, 45% and 60% respectively. 

The radiant heat that is emitted by the Alfresco Strip penetrates through the air to provide rays of warmth which is absorbed by people and objects within its radius. Infrared radiant heat is more effective than that of conventional patio and gas heaters which aim to warm the constantly moving air within their range. 

Efficient and cost effective electric heating.

The Alfresco Strip radiant heat panel allows high heat production with high power efficiency for comfortable cost effective heating. When compared to conventional bottled gas patio heaters, the Alfresco Strip radiant heat panel is significantly cheaper to run. You can expect to run one heat panel for at least 8 hours compared to 1 hour of bottled gas for the same cost, that's a massive saving in money and convenience. 

Streamline, subtle and classic design

The streamline, subtle and classic design, allows the Alfresco Strip outdoor heater to blend into any decor. No light or glow is emitted when the heater is in use making it an unobtrusive addition whether you have a traditional or contemporary design.

Ceiling, wall and umbrella mounting options ensure valuable floor space is not wasted. 

The Alfresco Strip radiant infrared heaters bring sunshine warmth to outdoor and hard to heat indoor spaces for cosy and cost-effective heating. 

Convenient ease of use

Alfresco Strip heat panels have been designed for ease of use by simple on/off operation, either plugged directly into a power point using the supplied power cable, or hard-wired via a wall mounted on/off switch. The optional control panel with remote provides easy on/off operation. 

Key features of the Alfresco Strip include:

  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Energy saving - uniform heat distribution, no heat loss  
  • Alfresco Strip incorporates no internal moving parts
  • Silent, odourless and maintenance free operation
  • Ceiling or wall mounted Alfresco Strip range of outdoor electric radiant heaters
  • Emits warmth from above that travels through the air directly to people and surfaces below, making the heater more effective than conventional patio and many gas heaters
  • Elegant, slim-line design
  • LED indicator light
  • Water ingress: IPX4 
  • Easy installation using the supplied wall / ceiling brackets
  • Thermostat with remote control (hard-wire required)


Alfresco Strip  Heating Area (m²)
Model Power
HO-NR32 320024013.9A2000 x 189 x 671285.5

HO-NR32 must be hard-wired by a licensed electrician.


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