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Alfresco Strip Radiant Outdoor Heaters

Contemporary and stylish, the Alfresco Strip radiant heater offers sun-like heat for ultimate comfort in indoor or outdoor environments. 

Architectural Series Commercial Grade Heaters

Our Architectural Series of electric outdoor heaters can be relied upon for their suitability to outdoor conditions.

BellaSole Luxury Infrared Heater

Ideal in alfresco and indoor areas, this range of infrared heaters radiate warmth just like the sun and have a weatherproof design.

Veito Blade Carbon Infrared Heaters

Innovative and stylish, Veito Blade will fit into any outdoor or indoor space. The heater is designed to warm you just like the sun and has a weatherproof design.

Fire Table Gas Outdoor Heater

The ultimate heating experience, the Entertainer Fire 'N' Table emits heat beneath the table top and creates atmosphere with an open flame in the centre of the table. State of the art technology combines both infrared and radiant heat for a genuine outdoor heater. 


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