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Outdoor heaters by design

Making comfortable, inviting outdoor spaces possible

In recent times, our enthusiasm for the great outdoors has seen a surge in demand for wintertime alfresco dining and recreation.

Venues that use electric outdoor heaters in their open courtyards, rooftop bars and street-side dining areas enjoy the reward of sustained year-round profits because their patrons keep coming back during the cooler months.

Function and cost are the top priorities of venue managers looking to install outdoor heating.

Heating Outdoors offers two highly competitive benefits that help you achieve the ambience desired by your customers, while keeping your outdoor heating costs low.

Custom designed outdoor heating solutions

At Heating Outdoors we take the guesswork out of planning and budgeting for outdoor heating. Our professional onsite assessment gives your venue the custom designed ambience to keep your customers coming back.

We understand that your investment in installing and running electric outdoor heaters is like any other business initiative. We appreciate that enhancing customer comfort also means paying attention to the impact on your bottom line.

Our service starts with a free personal consultation to measure your site. By assessing your space by the cubic metre, we can design the most economic solution that meets your patrons’ expectations for ambient comfort, while minimising your energy costs. 

No two premises are the same and outdoor heating should be tailored to suit the uses, layout and location of individual venues. Protective walls, drafts, solar access and capacity are some of the variables Heating Outdoors take into account when helping you plan cost-effective, comfortable heating.
Our advice is based on many years of experience designing electric heater efficiency for the entertainment and hospitality sectors. In doing so, we also value your practical input on the way your spaces function to create the perfect atmosphere to satisfy your patrons.

Heating Outdoors Electric Radiant Heaters are perfectly suitable for a wide range of indoor and customised usage needs. Our heaters don't only work in restaurants and bars!

Many businesses and homes use our heaters to heat indoor spaces and non-standard buildings to great effect and in a highly economical manner. These areas include:

  • Cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars
  • Alfresco dining, patios, verandahs
  • Workshops, warehouses, factories
  • Schools, gymnasiums, child-care facilities
  • Recreation centres, community halls, sports stadiums
  • Train stations, shopping malls, retail centres
  • Churches 

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