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Veito Blade 2000 Black



Veito Blade Black - Carbon Infrared Radiant Heater Indoor / Outdoor IP55 

Commercial grade heater. Ideal for Residential, Commercial and Hospitality use. 

  • 2000W
  • Remote Control
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Four Power Settings
  • IP55 Certificate
  • Overheat Protection

Veito Blade 2000 (IP55) - Wall and Ceiling Mounted Heater

A stylish heater for outdoor lovers, Veito Blade 2000 (Black) has a modern slim line design that does not occupy much needed space. It comes with fixing brackets and allows for  easy installation in any area indoors or out and can be wall mount horizontally or vertically, suspended from a ceiling or mounted on the optional Veito Heater Stand. 

Comfortable heat generated by Veito carbon filament can reach far distances and heats even in hard weather conditions. The robust, hard wearing and long-lasting elements will give up to 10,000 hours of service. 100% of the energy used by Veito Blade is converted into heat for efficient use of power. Veito infrared heaters are economical to run and start to heat within seconds of being switched on. Just switch it on and enjoy comfortable warmth of infrared radiant heat. 

Heating capacity can be set to four different power levels, 800W-1200W-1600W-2000W. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.   The remote control allows you to set all functions and settings: regulate the heat levels, activate and set the temperature level. 

Veito's intelligent design and construction brings reliability, comfort and energy savings. 


Heating Capacity 9000 BTU
Maximum Power 2000W
Space of use (Outdoor) 9 m²
 Power supply  AC 220-240 V
Size (WxLxH) 90mm x 900mm x 130mm
Product weight  2.2 kg 
 Safety device  Overheat protection, tip over protection 
Controlling method Push button control and remote control
Controlling functions Automatic temperature control 
Four power settings 

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