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Vetio Heater Stand



Make your Veito Blade Heater portable by using the Veito Heater Stand. 

The stable heater stand is designed to increase the versatility and convenience of your Veito Blade heater. Made of quality constructed lightweight aluminium, the portable stand gives you the flexibility to move the Veito infrared heater anywhere you need it. Perfect for home, workshop, garage or even take it away with you when camping. 

The solid X-Style base of the unit keeps it sturdy, safe and resistant to tipping. Featuring telescopic height adjustment, the unit can be raised or lowered easily and disassembled for easy transport. 

The pivoting mount allows you to direct the heat where you want. 

Complete with all mounting brackets, the unit is weatherproof and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

NOTE: The Veito blade stand can only be used with Veito Blade 2000 heaters.

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