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Sole Sombrero Outdoor Heaters

The promise of warmth welcoming light and ambience.

Enjoy sun-like warmth on cooler winter days and nights. Bring heat and light to warm up your winter and brighten your evening any time of year. Luxury heating at your finger tips, the SOLE Sombrero has stylish charm, innovation and gives a uniform 360 degree heating experience. The heating lamp of the SOLE Sombrero warms you during the winter months. The infrared radiant element gently directs heat to people and the surroundings providing comfort similar to the warmth of the sun. And at 1500W it not only looks good, it’s economical to run. 

The classic design, combined with highly selected materials, creates a product of absolute value, a piece of furniture unique to the marketplace. Synthetic rattan renders a dense and precise twine, resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents, is waterproof and creates a stylish piece of furniture.

The Sombrero canopy reflects heat and diffuses it more effectively to provide users with a soft, consistent and pleasant warmth.

Sole Sombrero is ideal for outdoor settings: 

  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Bars and Pubs
  • Patios
  • Function Venues
  • Weddings, Celebrations and themed events
  • Gazebos, Pool sides, Terraces and Courtyards

Equipped with: 

  • 3 LED lights kit (30W-02.A) 6500K x 3, lumen 1000 x 3
  • White rattan with natural wood table and trim
  • Convenient dry bar table
  • Electric radiant heater 1500W
  • Maximum power 1850 watts, 8 amps

Multi-colour LED light kit (optional)

Enjoy the colours of the rainbow and keep the party going:

  • LED Multi-colour kit 
  • Customise the lights colour and mode using your Smartphone. 
  • Bluetooth control with 8 different colour modes
  • Speed adjustable
  •  dimming 1-100% 

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