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Outdoor Heating for Year Round Comfort

Heating Outdoors delivers outdoor heating solutions for hotels, cafes, restaurants and homes.

We design and install systems ideal for outdoor heating with a range of products to suit either commercial or residential needs. 

Wall, ceiling mounted or freestanding, our infrared heaters look great, resist corrosion and require minimal maintenance. 

Manufactured from high quality components our stylish commercial outdoor heaters offer outstanding corrosion resistance and are ideal for coastal areas. 

Outdoor Heating

Heating Outdoors Radiant Heaters unique low glow technology and high temperature output provide targeted warmth in outdoor or open indoor areas. 

Using world leading technology, these modern, stylish, energy-efficient heaters are the perfect solution for your heating requirements. 

The infrared elements provide even heat dispersion and reach full working temperature in approximately sixty (60) seconds, ready for you to enjoy outdoor dining and entertaining all year round.

Electric Radiant Outdoor Heaters

Infrared heating is remarkably efficient and cost efficient. Radiant heat does not heat the air. The design of our heaters direct warmth from the face of the element.  

Over 95% of the electricity consumed is converted into safe radiant heat therefore running costs are surprisingly low. The warmth emitted is transferred to people and solid objects. 

Key Features of our Radiant Outdoor Electric Heaters

  • Low initial cost and maintenance free
  • No open flame
  • Energy efficient with low operating cost
  • Over 95% energy efficient, the heating element combined with the aluminum reflector emits all the heat from the front of the heater.
  • Rapid heat output using unique heating technology to provide warmth with a gentle and subtle glow
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Why Choose Radiant Electric Outdoor Heating?

Radiant heat is emitted from hot surfaces like a glowing red electric stove.

Radiant heat warms solid objects (like people) by transferring heat from one object to another. Radiant heat does not warm the air.

In an alfresco area like an outdoor restaurant, radiant heat makes people feel warm and comfortable because they feel an even heat throughout the space.

And of course if customers are warm and comfortable they are likely to stay longer and spend more!
It’s great to enjoy revenue from your outdoor spaces all year round. 

Maintenance Free Outdoor Heaters

Our outdoor heaters are maintenance free with no moving parts and come complete with mounting brackets. Once we have designed your system you can nominate your own contractor to install your heaters.


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