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BellaSole the elegant, stylish and sophisticated heater for indoor and outdoor use.

If you are looking for a functional heater with stylish elegance, the BellaSole will generate the heat you need and provide a luxuriant ambience to any outdoor setting. 

Ideal in alfresco and indoor areas, this range of infrared heaters radiate warmth just like the sun and have a weatherproof design. This elegant heater not only looks attractive it will complement any decor and integrate into classic or modern interior or exterior architectural design. Efficient and effective at producing heat, the BellaSole infrared heater is well-suited to outdoor and indoor areas making it the ideal choice for alfresco areas, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and garden settings. 

Safe and Highly efficient infrared heater

The BellaSole has a modern, environmentally-friendly technology that is efficient and economical to run. The high quality construction assures a constant level of heat output and long lamp life for comfort and reliability. Reaching full heat immediately after switching on and with more than 90% of absorbed energy converted to radiant heat, BellaSole provides consistent energy savings to users. The running costs of the high efficiency electric infrared heater is a fraction of the traditional freestanding gas heaters. 

  • No gas emission or oxgen consumption allowing the environment to remain healthy
  • No open flame
  • More than 90% efficient 
  • Electrical wires are protected against water penetration and high temperatures which ensures BellaSole outdoor suitability
  • Bulb life: 5,000 hours
  • Protection level: IPX5
  • Power level: 2,000 watts

BellaSole Patio heater Design and Style

Designed and completely manufactured in Italy, BellaSole radiant heaters are constructed from die-cast aluminium, corrosion and weather resistant material. The HeLeN infrared bulb is first-class in infrared technology. It assures long lamp life without colour change and complete resistance to water droplets (IPX5). Electrical wires are protected by a double silicone temperature resistant sheath. 

With plenty of heat, several colour combinations and multiple mounting options to customise it to your environment, the BellaSole outclasses the competition. 


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