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Veito heaters mounted vertically because wall space is limited

Innovative Veito Blade electric heaters allow you to customise your comfort level in different zones of your commercial space to help you minimise energy consumption with the least effort. 

The smart wireless interface of the remote control allows you to regulate independently the intensity of heat of each unit with just one remote control. This helps you to provide the right level of comfort depending on the needs of each space. 

Heat adjustment to four (4) different Power settings (800, 1200, 1600 and 2,000 watts) on each heater enables significant energy savings. 

Veito heater mounted on the ceiling provides warmth below

Veito Blade electric wall heaters blend seamlessly in each environment - modern or traditional architectural style - providing direct radiant and efficient warmth on each zone because of the multiple mounting options: 

  • Wall mount with the included wall bracket

  • Ceiling mount, directly above the desired heating area

  • Vertical wall mount where wall space is limited


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