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Elegant and stylish outdoor heating

Outdoor heating is an important consideration for commercial businesses. During the cooler weather customers can be put off dining alfresco, therefore when choosing heating for your outdoor areas, there are many factors to consider. Gas or infrared heating systems. Design efficiency, style and appearance, location and placement all play an important role when trying to select the best option for your venue. 

Gas or Electric heating

Most patio heaters use either gas or electricity to generate heat.

Conventional gas patio heaters cost up to 98 percent more to run when compared to electric patio heaters.  Electric heaters can help reduce your carbon footprint as they produce up to 90 percent less Co2 emissions. Therefore, maybe it's time to consider a more efficient way to heat the outdoor spaces of your bar, alfresco dining, or beer garden.

For better, cleaner, more modern and more efficient heating, infrared heaters are rapidly becoming a popular alternative to gas patio heaters. 

Heating Outdoors radiant heaters will heat both you and objects in its path such as furniture, walls and floors, which then absorb the heat and slowly release it. The electric heaters can be powered by renewable sources such as solar panels to produce a more carbon friendly approach making them a sustainable heating option. 

Elegant, Stylish and practical outdoor heaters

If your space permits, patio freestanding heaters, BellaSole and Sole Sombrero offer undoubtedly more elegance and stylish finishes.

Sitting or standing beneath the sophisticated Italian designed BellaSole, guests are wrapped in immediate warmth and thermal comfort given by the infrared lamp.

If space is limited, the wall or ceiling mounted BellaSole radiant heater is less intrusive and keeps your area free of obstacles. Providing luxuriant ambience and localised warmth and comfort, the electric heater integrates and complements any decor.  With several colour combinations and stem choices, it's easy to choose your style. 

Luxury heaters for restaurants and bars

Sole Sombrero with classic design is a unique furniture piece with charm and innovation and gives a uniform 360-degree experience of sunshine warmth and comfort during the cooler months.

In addition, the Sole Sombrero brightens the evening any time of the year with the luxury of the LED multi-colour lights kit. The light can be customised using your Smartphone and with bluetooth control 8 different  colour modes can be selected. 

What's your style? Impress your customers with BellaSole and Sole Sombrero's sophisticated design and comfortable heat. See the range online or visit our store. 


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