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BellaSole, Luxury Heating at a flick of a switch

Comfortable, warm and relaxing outdoor space with the stylish and elegant BellaSole infrared heater.

Heating Outdoors has your alfresco area covered with an elegant, stylish and sophisticated heater for indoor and outdoor use. BellaSole is a high-style designed infrared lamp that converts over 90% of the absorbed energy to heat. The infrared bulb intensifies the energy emitted significantly while keeping running costs low.

Designed as a floral element, the BellaSole IR gently heats the body with sun-like radiant warmth.

BellaSole is a modern environmentally friendly technology that is easily integrated into any classic or modern interior or exterior architectural design.  Constructed in die-cast aluminium, a weather resistant material the BellaSole has IPX5 protection rating for outdoor use.

BellaSole is easily customised and available in a range of colours with wall, ceiling and freestanding mounting options.  If you are looking for a functional heater with stylish elegance, Heating Outdoors will help you choose from the range of styles and finishes that will compliment your indoor or outdoor décor.

These infrared radiant heaters will suit any home design and are also well-suited to outdoor and indoor areas in commercial, hospitality and garden settings.

Impress your friends with BellaSole’s distinctive design and comfortable heat. 
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