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Enjoy your outdoor living area in Winter with patio heating

Electric radiant heating for outdoor living areas

Living in Australia, we are naturally drawn to the outdoors; brekkies on the verandah, lunch on the patio and back yard BBQ's, we all love the great outdoors. Just as importantly, we like to socialise and that means outdoor entertaining in comfort and style. With a variety of stylish and practical outdoor heating options available to bring indoor comfort to outdoor spaces Heating Outdoors has the solution to keep you warm this winter. 

Stylish and practical outdoor heating.

Do you want to spend more time in your outdoor areas during the winter months but are put off by the cold? Well, now you can add warmth and a touch of luxury to your outdoor space with a choice of eco-friendly heaters. 

Outdoor heating is an important consideration in alfresco areas for many homeowners.  When choosing heating for your outdoor area, personal preference, suitability, and integration is the key. Placement of your heater/s is important so that you have the best comfort level when and where you need it most.

If space is limited, wall/ceiling infrared radiant heaters keep your area free of obstacles and are less obtrusive than freestanding heaters. Alternatively, if your space permits, sitting beneath the elegant long-stem BellaSole or Sole Sombrero can provide a wonderful ambience and comfort, and is a great social space enjoyed with family or friends.

Outdoor heating for entertainment areas

See our range of eco-friendly radiant electric heaters both online and in store. If you would like help and assistance with what style of outdoor heating you would like this winter, get in contact with us or visit Heating Outdoors


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